Olympic Bars for CrossFit

A good Olympic bar is the best investment you can make for your CrossFit gym. No piece of equipment gets used as much, and almost nothing lasts as long as a well made barbell. A quality Olympic bar for CrossFit will have sleeves that spin smoothly to protect your wrists during cleans and other Olympic lifts, have no center knurl to avoid tearing up your neck, and will be strong enough to withstand being dropped with bumpers and not bending permanently. These requirements mean you need to spend a little more than your average bench bar if you want something that will last.

We recommend two bars:

1) Troy 1200 lb Olympic bar, model AOB-1200 – This bar is a solid performer and great for the vast majority of CrossFitters. As shown in the video below, it can handle the abuse dished out by CrossFit workouts, it’s made in the USA, and it’s reasonably priced. Available at Rep Fitness here.

2) Pendlay Nexgen HD Bar – This is what we would consider the “ultimate CrossFit bar.” It’s built to take as much weight as you can possibly move, it’s made in the USA, looks amazing, and has a lifetime warranty. The last bar you’ll ever need to buy. Available at Rep Fitness here.